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Balance is a lifestyle

At Scale Projects, we are devoted to cultivating inclusive communities that resonate with authentic human connections. We strive to foster a vibrant environment where residents truly feel a sense of belonging, where their needs and aspirations are not only acknowledged but woven into the fabric of our creations. What sets us apart is our end-to-end approach—from the initial spark of an idea to the final touches of completion, all done in-house. This ensures that every detail aligns seamlessly with our vision, creating communities that stand as testaments to thoughtful design and genuine community engagement.



Scale brand


Meet Scale by Scale Projects, the latest addition to a vibrant and upcoming community located in the heart of Langley City. Consisting of 75 exclusive homes ranging from Studios, 1, 1+Flex, 2, 2+Flex bedrooms, Scale is conveniently located just steps away from all of your essential needs. With transit, shops, services, and restaurants just steps away ready to serve you, life at Scale by Scale Projects is where "Balance is a Lifestyle" becomes more than just a saying... it becomes a reality.




Studio, 1, 1 + flex, 2, 2 + flex


20220 54A Avenue, Langley City
BC, Canada

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Your life in focus.

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At Scale Projects, we believe in more than just constructing buildings; we are memory-makers and future builders driven by a commitment to creating homes for everyone to find a place they can call their own. Our brand's communication is anchored in genuine care, empathy, and community, and we add a touch of fun and joy to every step of the journey.

Scale Projects embodies this dedication to providing spaces where cherished memories are made, while ensuring that safety and trust are at the core of everything we build. Our focus goes beyond mere construction; it's about nurturing dreams, facilitating a better future for all, and infusing every home with the promise of peace of mind.

No matter the situation in life, with a Scale home, you can trust that you'll find security, joy, and the peace of mind you deserve. We ensure transparency, instill confidence, and approach our work with humility and a sense of light-heartedness.

For us, it's not about a quick flip; it's about crafting a narrative where our homeowners can create a lasting legacy filled with laughter, joy, and a bright outlook on life. We are not just builders; we are storytellers of the future, where each home becomes a chapter in the story of cherished memories, trust, and a brighter tomorrow.

Brand Values

We believe in strong, real and thriving connections. These are the values that guide us.

INTEGRITY and WORK ETHIC “There is no way to do the right thing in a wrong way.”
LOYALTY and TRUST “We believe that loyalty and trust are the keys to lasting connections.”
HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY “Clear paths, strong bonds: the foundation of thriving relationships.”
SIMPLICITY and BALANCE “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and balance is the essence of life.”